2-Stall Unit

3-Stall Unit

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Having the right number of restrooms at your event is an important component to keeping your guests happy.  Having too few can mean long lines and unsanitary conditions.  Having too many takes up too much space and uses too much of your budget. Here are some questions we will ask when renting a Portable restroom.
  • How many people?
  • How many hours is the event?
  • How many days is the event?
  • Will they require pumping more than one time during the event?
  • What percentage will be Women?
  • Is Alcohol being served?
  • Will ADA units be required?

Remember these points:
  •  1 unit provides approximately 200 uses.
  •  If the percentage of women in attendance increases beyond 50%, increase the number of units by 25-50%.
  • Hand washing should also be provided with restrooms in all food service areas.
  • Add one ADA unit per 20 portable restrooms, or a minimum of one for events open to the public

You can use the chart below to estimate your rental needs. Please feel free to call us at 931-455-3900 any time for more information or reservations.

How to use this chart:
  • Determine how many hours the event will last. If it is multiple days, use the longest day.
  • Determine how many people will attend. If there are multiple days, determine the peak day.
  • Use the chart to calculate the number of portable restrooms needed for adequate sanitation conditions.